Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post. It is primarily for teens. It is meant to be written at their level of understanding.

Parents are most encouraged to read it to see if they will want their teens to see it. They are also invited to inform and encourage their teens to read it and discuss it with them, if both parties want it. Parents could, alternatively, use the material to instruct their teens by themselves.

This blog will consist of excerpts or summaries taken from the guide book that I am writing about teenage identity development and empowerment.

About me: I am a psychologist, currently in private practice in Houston, Texas. I have worked in the public schools and also in shelters for unfortunate teens not being able to be at home. I have also helped teens in and out of the justice system. I thus have experience with teens from all social areas and have discovered that they all are fascinated with what is happening to them.

This was originally developed as a one-time workshop with teens in a shelter and later used in many classrooms in a local high school. It was also administered to an auditorium full of young people. It was effective with any number as teens find themselves reflecting on their own life and becoming more aware of their choices in life.

Identity development is about finding out and also choosing who one is and will become. This idea that one can choose who one will become seemed at once unexpected and fascinating to the teens I worked with. It became clear to me, when teaching this workshop, that this was exactly what teens needed in order to become more aware of themselves and the big and small choices they make.

It is my goal to have a new blog every two weeks as the book progresses. I look forward to your feedback if you feel motivated to leave me a note.

Please note that this is not a therapy site: it is not private. Your comments can be seen by everyone. I am also totally unable to give personal advice through this blog. This is only general advice of a universal nature. If you feel that you need personal advice, please consult with a school counselor (if you’re a teen) or a therapist in your area (if you’re an adult or a teen).

Finally, teens frequently refer to me as “Dr. B.” Please feel free to do the same.

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